Liquid Solar Lamination –
The first real innovation in 30 years of laminating PV modules

Liquid solar lamination sets out to revolutionize the production of PV modules. It offers a proven alternative to EVA films and vacuum incubation. Cell protection is achieved by means of a liquid sealing agent which is applied without vacuum at only 80ºC / 176ºF for 2 minutes! The sealing agent is completely transparent and can be used for all cell types: front-contact, back-contact or thin-film.

The fully patented solution can be incorporated in existing production lines to reduce running costs and energy input. It can also be the core of new production lines that require less space, reduced workforce and far fewer resources.

The new production process of liqid solar also improves the finished product. PV modules with liquid solar lamination are more stable in damp-heat tests, are less prone to cell cracks during production and tend not to delaminate. This means a longer service life with higher solar yields.

In short: liquid solar reduces costs, speeds up production and improves module quality.

Liquid Solar Lamination