For all cell types

Liquid Solar Lamination is a completely new process that replaces EVA-film lamination. It can be applied to all cell types. Full encapsulation of front contacted standard cells is possible because of the favourable optical qualities of the reactive silicone sealing agent. With back contacted cells or amorphous silicon thin film modules the new Liquid Solar Laminaton process works just as well. In any production environment the main advantage of Liquid Solar Lamination encapsultion is the very short process time of only two minutes and also the very low process temperature of 80 ºC. No pressure is applied during lamination!

• Encapsulation of solar cells with reactive silicone, replacing EVA
• Easy casting and lamination of back sheet, curing within 2 minutes at 80 °C
• No relevant aging, reduced power loss of module
Full Encapsulation

Cell on Glass Encapsulation

Thin Film Encapsulation